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    Types of Bags
    Our products are manufactured according to international quality standards.
    • Standard PP Bag
    • Big Bag Bulk Bag-Fibc
    • Jute Bag
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    Big Bag Types
    ERKIM, as being one of the Turkey’s leading Big Bag manufacturer, uses quality materials and advanced technology along with years of experience.
    • Qbag Big Bag
    • Flour Big Bag
    • Ventilated Big Bag
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    Eco-Friendly Production
    While ERKIM BIGBAG Company produces, it watches over the nature. It is important for us to select the most decent materials and suppliers.
    • Hessian Cloth Fabric
    • Quality Production
    • Wide Range of Products

Stiff rope production is carried out with continuous PC controlled Extruders fed by precision dosing systems.

Fibrillated yarn is produced if requested.


Produced ropes are subjected to strength tests and after sent to the looms.

It is woven as a fabric in precision weaving machines between 30 cm and 150 cm upon request.


Woven fabrics can be laminated in different colors if requested.


Laminated fabrics are sent to the printing department after weaving. Up to 8 colors can be printed with advanced technology.

The fabrics processed in woven lamination or printing are sent to the garment section and are sized up to request.

About Us

About Us

We are one of the leading producers in Turkey with good quality products and advanced technology.


You can write all of your requests to us.

We promise to reply soon. Thank You!


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